Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The PARIS BISTRO - Hands Down, best meal in the SLC

Let me tell you something that you may have heard me mention a time or two, Salt Lake City is a dead zone for delicious eats and for the peeps that enjoy the deliciousness. I mean you can do with a chain in a pinch but I like my food fresh and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. But I digress, I had an AMAZING and I mean AMAZING service and food. And we did the works! Cocktails, wine, apps, entrees, dessert and more cocktails. I mean, listen, it was 3 of my best mates from brown town on my first night back in little bit and I had a delightful meal. I started with the oven roasted beet salad. Just a hint of clove, as it should be. A carbonara that knocked my socks off. I was nervous, I pulled a safety, but this was no Trio cup o' noodles. But seriously, socks, knocked off. I finished with the lemon grass creme brulee. Hurrah!! And not crazy expensive. I mean, it's not Sabarro but let's get real...

1500 South 1500 East (Emerson Ave.)
photo from their site.

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