Monday, December 29, 2008


Let me tell you something about this place, their cheapest up of coffee costs about $3.50 for about 6oz. I dunno about you but in these times, girl, I'm workin' hard for my money. This is a luxury item. And don't get you're little douchey hipster haircut all in a ruffle or your Sal Moscot frames askew and before you call all your friends at American Apparel to start picketing my house. I get it. I know it takes one year for a coffee bush to prodce one pound of coffee. I know about fair trade. I know about their fancy brewing machines. I get it. But, this should pretty much be the best cup of coffe I've ever had. Every time. Right? Well it's not. But I'm going to keep going, beacuse I support the anti-man, the anti-machine. I carry my little hemp bags down to the Whole Foods (or as it's affectionately know 'the Whole Pay Check') or the Trader Joes between paydays (personally i'm a pretty big fan of the Fresh and Easy). I like to sit on the little blue bench and pet the dogs and enjoy the weather and oogle the peeps. But come on, let's stop fooling ourselves and call this one like it is...

I'd also like add an extra special 'FUCK YOU' to the CUNT FACED BITCH that petitioned the city to have The Casbah Cafe remove their potted garden from the side of their building. I mean really, you must be very very bored or very very unhappy.

And everybody needs ro start cleaning up after their dogs. Come on buddies. Don't be douches.

3922 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90029

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  1. you're the douche bag! hipster hater!