Monday, March 23, 2009


Hello Friends, TUFFLUCKCITY has moved to GILDED MONGRELS. What I hope to get out of this and give to you, is better and more frequent content. Because of my laziness I struggled with providing content. I hope to break free from this vicious cycle and talk about what ever I want when I want. Like how tired I am of getting raped by a half assed DuMont. I finally broke up with them (for good this time) last night when I walked out of there spending 45 fucking dollars on a bullshit beet salad that was more like a relish tray with 3 specks of beet and other random pickled shit like potatoes and onions, and blandy blandy bland mac and cheese that I had to docotor up with too much salt and tobasco. BOOURNS, Dumont, boo-urns. You've gotten a little to big for your little girl britches. may also follow us on Twitter:

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

THE PIPER PUB AND GRILL - Try to Avoid at all Costs

Ugh. I can't say anything good about this place, so I'll try to keep it brief. Bad service, bad food, bad atmosphere, bad cocktails. I'm not even going to give you directions or a site because you should never go...I mean, they fucked up nachos. You have to really try hard to fuck up nachos. I like nachos from 7-11. And it all culminated with a jacked bill and an apparent lack of management on hand to resolve.

I really hate to bag on anybody in Boise right now, I know everybody is struggling. But these guys really need to get it together. 2-4-1 Happy Hour for drinks and apps only goes so far with this kind of fare...

The PARIS BISTRO - Hands Down, best meal in the SLC

Let me tell you something that you may have heard me mention a time or two, Salt Lake City is a dead zone for delicious eats and for the peeps that enjoy the deliciousness. I mean you can do with a chain in a pinch but I like my food fresh and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. But I digress, I had an AMAZING and I mean AMAZING service and food. And we did the works! Cocktails, wine, apps, entrees, dessert and more cocktails. I mean, listen, it was 3 of my best mates from brown town on my first night back in little bit and I had a delightful meal. I started with the oven roasted beet salad. Just a hint of clove, as it should be. A carbonara that knocked my socks off. I was nervous, I pulled a safety, but this was no Trio cup o' noodles. But seriously, socks, knocked off. I finished with the lemon grass creme brulee. Hurrah!! And not crazy expensive. I mean, it's not Sabarro but let's get real...

1500 South 1500 East (Emerson Ave.)
photo from their site.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Let me tell you something about this place, their cheapest up of coffee costs about $3.50 for about 6oz. I dunno about you but in these times, girl, I'm workin' hard for my money. This is a luxury item. And don't get you're little douchey hipster haircut all in a ruffle or your Sal Moscot frames askew and before you call all your friends at American Apparel to start picketing my house. I get it. I know it takes one year for a coffee bush to prodce one pound of coffee. I know about fair trade. I know about their fancy brewing machines. I get it. But, this should pretty much be the best cup of coffe I've ever had. Every time. Right? Well it's not. But I'm going to keep going, beacuse I support the anti-man, the anti-machine. I carry my little hemp bags down to the Whole Foods (or as it's affectionately know 'the Whole Pay Check') or the Trader Joes between paydays (personally i'm a pretty big fan of the Fresh and Easy). I like to sit on the little blue bench and pet the dogs and enjoy the weather and oogle the peeps. But come on, let's stop fooling ourselves and call this one like it is...

I'd also like add an extra special 'FUCK YOU' to the CUNT FACED BITCH that petitioned the city to have The Casbah Cafe remove their potted garden from the side of their building. I mean really, you must be very very bored or very very unhappy.

And everybody needs ro start cleaning up after their dogs. Come on buddies. Don't be douches.

3922 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90029

Thursday, December 25, 2008

TACOS DELTA - Hangover's best friend

Oh Tacos Delta, how I miss thine nachos and XL Diet Cokes in styrofoam cups with crushed ice. Oh Tacos Delta how I miss thine hot sauce and fresh hot chips. You were just around the corner from me and I took full advantage of the proximity. I miss your burritos and your tacos.
Seriously, this just might be my favorite taco stand ever in the world. Cheap, fast, friendly. A cute little sitting are in the back. Seriously if you don't eat here you area fool. Only drawback, it has a 'B' from the health department, which pretty much means that your taking your life in your hands. But I ate there nearly every day and I never got the shits. They also seem to have a mysterious closing time, because every time I tried to go for dinner...they were closed. Could never really find hours posted anywhere.

No link
3806 W. Sunset Blvd.