Wednesday, December 24, 2008

THE MODERN HOTEL AND BAR - Right Idea and Execution

What you see here is the bathroom of the Modern Hotel and Bar. Yes, you see a turntable on a gnome. What you can't quite see is the rack of 45's just above the gnome and the stainless shelf between the sink and the can. The towels are kept else wheres. Since this is a full sized ADA loo, you could easily fit 6-7 people in there for your own private party, if uh, you brought your own favors, if know what i mean...

In addition to the bathroom the bar (which honestly isn't much bigger) sports a menu of mostly delicious seasonal cocktails. They sounded great on paper but the couple I tried didn't quite make it in the flavor department. But they were very nearly there, maybe next seasons will be better and you can tell me all about how amazing they are and how wrong I am.  They also have a great court yard with fire pits and a fair amount of seating. Strong effort. I do recommend.
1314 West Grove St., Boise ID

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