Tuesday, December 23, 2008

THE PIEHOLE - Best Pizza in Boise..at least after 9p

We got an early start on our Boise adventure. Early enough that by 10 when we needed pizza it became it's own adventure. My buddy's was just one block out of the delivery zone for any place in the Boise metro (sic.) area. After much pleading, cajoling, harrassment and attempted bribery of the every pizza joint in the city, we picked up from the PIEHOLE. I was drunk but I consider myself a pretty good judge of the 'za and this is a good one. The salad and the sticks were are good news.

And they have dancing mice on their site:

205 N. 8th St. call ahead for pick up 208.344.2225. open late-ish but for pick-up only...

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