Monday, March 23, 2009


Hello Friends, TUFFLUCKCITY has moved to GILDED MONGRELS. What I hope to get out of this and give to you, is better and more frequent content. Because of my laziness I struggled with providing content. I hope to break free from this vicious cycle and talk about what ever I want when I want. Like how tired I am of getting raped by a half assed DuMont. I finally broke up with them (for good this time) last night when I walked out of there spending 45 fucking dollars on a bullshit beet salad that was more like a relish tray with 3 specks of beet and other random pickled shit like potatoes and onions, and blandy blandy bland mac and cheese that I had to docotor up with too much salt and tobasco. BOOURNS, Dumont, boo-urns. You've gotten a little to big for your little girl britches. may also follow us on Twitter: